1. Miroslav Glavić

    would this work on amazon.ca/.co.uk/other non-amazon.com amazon sites?


  2. Weston Ruter

    I don’t see “WordPress Foundation” in the list. I only see “Wordpress Foundation”, and clearly that cannot be official ;-)


  3. Dave Navarro, Jr.

    If Automattic wasn’t stealing domains from people, they could afford to put more money into the foundation…


  4. Otto

    If you don’t want to donate to the foundation, then I encourage you to use this and contribute to the charitable organization of your choice. Personally, I’ve been using Amazon Smile for a couple years to contribute to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. They do great things here in my adopted hometown, and I’m happy to support them in any little way I can.


  5. Tim Oxendale

    Can’t seem to find WordPress Foundation on .co.uk :(


  6. Kristin Aus

    Smile is a great program. I donate to my local library but there are a lot of great charities in real need of your help. Please look through the list and find one that really needs your support.


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