1. Matt

    What are those 7 million downloads and ~24% worth?

    I do know that Shopify’s 4% is worth $100 million (http://venturebeat.com/2015/04/14/ecommerce-platform-shopify-files-for-100m-ipo/)

    What’s taking Woo so long to give us a platform? What about better partner programs which is VERY attractive about building on Shopify? I’m still seeing them pursue the old way of generating revenue in the WordPress ecosystem; themes & plugins. Leave that up to us little guys.

    Give me the Unicorn of our little industry :)


  2. Jeffrey

    The extended shopping cart trends on BuiltWith shows 6.38% for WooCommerce. Very confusing stats to me. http://trends.builtwith.com/shop


  3. mark rushworth (@trooperbill)

    but whatabout the security issues inherent in wordpress? i dont think the platform is secure enough to manage customer information.


  4. litzylowe

    I just built a site on Shopify for a client and I liked working in it quite a bit. I am will always be a WP lover but building a site on Shopify was really easy and probably my second favorite platform to work in.


  5. Jonah Brown

    I find the extensions lack full functionality.

    With over 10 projects so far and each one the plugins didn’t quite work like they state on their site. or just didn’t make sense. Almost like they were a quick slap together solution.

    I am glad they are exceeding, but some improvements need to be encourage in the extensions.

    So far I like Prestashop and iThemes exchange.


  6. Robbie

    I’ve built multiple sites on Woocommerce and Shopify, as well as Magento, osCommerce and Prestashop. I must say I much prefer Woocommerce due to the flexibility with using the hooks and other features of WordPress core. Woocommerce is my choice – and I’m looking forward to seeing how the acquisition by Atomic may bring prices down :-p Regardless, Woo is totally awesome!


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