1. thewebprincess

    Not actually held at the holiday in… Held at the Village… a pretty cool space, too http://969market.com/


  2. Brent

    What did you think and would you like to see it become an annual thing or perhaps more than one per year with different locations?

    Good question. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    For now, I think an annual event organised by WooThemes would be a great centre point, while smaller meetups, organised by community members around the world can cater to local needs.


  3. Matthew Nelson

    I was at the event and I enjoyed it a lot. My company FirstTracks Marketing has been an official Woo Worker Affiliate for over three years now and it was exciting and fun to get to meet a lot of the staff that makes Woothemes the company that it is. The sessions the first day were overall great, especially the talk given by Chris Lema towards the end of day 1. The second day I didn’t really enjoy but overall a success if you ask me. You can read my top 5 takeaways from day 1 of the conference here: http://firsttracksmarketing.com/website-development/ecommerce-website/woocommerce-conference-review


  4. BobWP

    Thanks for sharing my post Jeff, and obviously from that I did attend. Overall it was one of the best conferences I have been to in awhile.

    And I’m with Brent, I would like to see it stay as an annual event by WooThemes. This brought in people from 20 countries and it was amazing to meet so many of them. And as Brent said, I agree, local meetups could more cater to local needs and who knows, maybe those meetups will look at other options as time goes by. I’ve been talking with Woo for a bit about doing a meetup in Seattle, and it’s for sure, myself and a WooTeam member will be organizing it and probably having our first one at the beginning of the year.


  5. cbunting99

    And then sadly, you visit WooCommerce only to find you can’t buy a product because they make cache changes or never checked to make sure the “Add to cart” feature doesn’t work..

    I didn’t attend the conference.. But I can tell you this, the #1 way to loose business, is by not having a working shopping cart!


  6. Tammy

    Great location for the conference.


  7. kirbyp

    Thanks for including our Prospress post in the list Jeff :) It’s actually a lower case ‘p’ though (think “Prosperous” not “Professional Press”).
    I’m with Brent and Bob re next year’s events and local meetups.
    Hopefully we’ll see you there next year!


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