Which Theme Framework To Use?

Although Paul Cunningham wanted to hear experiences by those who have used the Genesis theme framework, he ended up starting a conversation that discussed the other frameworks as well. One of the common threads within the conversation is that Justin Tadlock has done a great job with Hybrid as the code is clean with excellent inline documentation. Now that Headway has gone split licensed, I think it’s only a matter of time before it’s included in the list of recommendations from some of the notable consultants within the community. At any rate, check out the discussion if you’re currently in the middle of choosing a theme framework for your next project.


3 responses to “Which Theme Framework To Use?”

  1. Headway (1.66) is improving with each release – been using it since 1.56. The beta version of 1.7 takes the visual editor to a new level of easy-peasy.

  2. I have used countless theme frameworks, but I use Justin Tadlock’s Theme Hybrid on my personal blog. As you mentioned, the inline documentation and ease of modifying is incredible.


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