WP Framework Now On The Repository

Ptah Dunbar has been working on his very own Theme Framework for quite some time now and today, after five revisions the framework has ended up on the theme repository for download. According to Ptah, this is what we can expect from the framework:

A blank WordPress Theme Framework that’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t. With features like microformats, a traditional template structure, convention over configuration, clean semantic code, documentation, and it’s atomic templating system, WP Framework is completely extensible, flexible and the starting point for theme authoring and customization.

The initial theme is about as plain as you can get leaving plenty of room for creative CSS types to dive in and generate their own masterpiece.


While there has been quite a bit of fanfare surrounding Ian Stewart’s Thematic framework and Justin Tadlock’s Hybrid framework, it will be interesting to see if Ptah can make any headway in this space as it’s slowly but surely becoming crowded and based on what I’ve seen, he has much less fanfare than the others.


One response to “WP Framework Now On The Repository”

  1. Yep – Ptah’s up against/with some good stuff. But at least he’s been on the WP Theme Framework page for a while.

    The best thing is how much cleaner the frameworks have gotten, imo. Of course it’ll all change again once css3 and html5 come out of hiding. ;-)


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