A Theme I Can Be Critical About

Justin Tadlock has released a new child theme for the Hybrid Framework called Critical. This theme encompasses the use of custom taxonomies that are now built within WordPress. However, Justin doesn’t like releasing his personal designs so he has released the theme as a blank slate allowing you to easily add your personal touch to the theme. The theme heavily uses his Get The Image script while also integrating well with the WP Post Ratings plugin by Lester Chen.


You can view a demo of the theme here. In order to use it, you’ll need to be running the latest version of the Hybrid Theme Framework with WordPress 2.8 or higher.


3 responses to “A Theme I Can Be Critical About”

  1. Its the first released theme of what Justin calls Starter child themes. Themes with very modest styling to give designers and developers the opportunity to add their personal style.

    A “grandchild/sibling” theme would only need a css file and optionally some gfx.


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