Justin Tadlock Releases Hybrid 0.6

hybrid0.6Justin Tadlock announced on the ThemeHybrid blog earlier this morning that version 0.6 of the Hybrid Theme Framework was released to the public. This is a big release for Justin as the new framework has been coded from the ground up with modularity in mind. One of the most important things to take notice from this release is that 0.6 is NOT compatible with versions of WordPress earlier than version 2.8.

Unfortunately, with so many new features in WordPress 2.8, I couldn’t make the theme backwards compatible. It’s something I wanted to do, but it wasn’t a viable option.

Along with bug fixes, leaner code and removing unnecessary files, this version also contains an assortment of new page templates. This puts the total number of templates inbetween 55 and 60. But, Justin has a valid reason for providing all of these:

I want things to be easier to overwrite with custom modifications. I want people to be able to take my ideas and branch from these ideas with new, cooler things. Most of these deal with different types of archives and may not be used by everyone. But, I wanted them available for those people that do need to use them.

As most of you know, WPTavern is using a child theme of the Hybrid Framework called Hybrid News. Once I get a few kinks straightened out, I’ll be upgrading to the latest and greatest version of Hybrid.


  1. Thanks for the writeup, Jeff. I just wanted to point out that Hybrid doesn’t have 55 – 60 “page” templates. It has that many templates, 18 of which are page templates.
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  2. Very nice theme. I actually like the idea of the theme not being backwards compatible with versions of WP earlier then 2.8, I always believe having the latest version of WP is a must!


  3. @Justin Tadlock – I’ve updated the post to reflect that change.

    @Martin – Yeah, at some point. You have to cut the chord and move on and hope others will jump ship with you.


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