Wapuunk T-Shirts Now Available in the WordPress Swag Store

WAPUUNK_ADULT_1024x1024The fame of wapuunk has spread far and wide and now fans of the creature can purchase t-shirts in the WordPress Swag Store.

The punk Wapuu was created for WordCamp London 2015 by Scott Evans with collaboration from the event’s organizing team. The mascot was so well-received that Evans’ colleagues urged him to see if it could land in the swag store.

“I supplied the vector artwork and some guidance and passed it on to Hello Merch which did the rest,” he said. Within approximately three weeks the t-shirt was made available for sale.

It’s unusual to see new items added to the WordPress Swag Store, but the iconic Wapuunk mascot seems to be an instant hit with swag collectors.

“After all the buzz of WordCamp London it seemed worth a go,” Evans said. “After all, they are different from the official WordCamp t-shirts we made. I think lots of folk were keen to see Wapuunk on a t-shirt.”

In contrast to the simple WordPress logo-branded items, Wapuunk and other variations of the mascot have a unique way of linking the local culture and/or an event experience with the logo. Wapuu variations illustrate the variety of WordPress communities around the globe. They evoke a strong connection between the software and the local community.

WordCamp Belgrade featured Wapuujlo at its first event, and WordCamp Philly will also debut a new Wapuu collection in June. With WordPress’ increased focus on internationalization in 2015, Wapuu variations are a fitting compliment to the many diverse communities this software brings together.

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  1. Is the official WP swag store (and it’s profits) a venture from Automattic or the WP Foundation (on paper, anyway)?


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