1. Ron

    The greed of starting to sell tickets a YEAR away from the event is sickening.

    No idea why I’m surprised….


    • Justin Busa

      At $40 a ticket for a conference of this nature (way cheaper than most), I’m failing to see the greed here. Personally, I think it’s a good thing they are opening it up early.


    • Matthew Rodela

      Yeah, I’m not sure I understand the ‘greed’ thing either?


    • Doug S.

      Full disclosure — WCUS organizer here, speaking in my own capacity, not officially representing WCUS, WC Central, etc.

      Your comment caught me a bit off guard, I’ve got to say. $40 doesn’t even *begin* to cover the cost of the event — in fact, it barely covers the cost of *one day’s lunch* per-person, let alone the other days’ food, coffee service, t-shirts, live-streaming, venue rental, captioning services, etc. We get by primarily on the generosity of WordCamp sponsors and the hard work of countless volunteers.

      Allowing for registration that far out might seem like a crazy notion (and it slightly is), but we want to make absolutely certain that everyone who wants to attend WCUS 2016 *can* attend WCUS 2016. (The number of US visa applicants we had to deal with was stunning; the number of not-approved visa applicants was *way* larger than we want to ever have happen again. Giving folks coming from out-of-country/out-of-town the maximum amount of time to plan and clear these sorts of hurdles are exactly what we want to allow for.)

      I and the other WCUS organizers would be happy to answer any questions that you might have, but please know that this is absolutely, 100%, *not* in any way, shape, or form, motivated by “greed”.



      • M

        Personally, I think this is a really good move that will help foreign attendants.
        Planning a trip to the US from more than 4000 miles away needs time and even more so when your country isn’t a european one.

        So thank you WordCamp US organisers because now I will be seriously thinking about wether or not to attend.

        I wish you nice holidays. :)


  2. Richard

    When hosting an event with visitors from all over the world 2 months in advance is way to short. 12 months is a bit long but you have more than enough time to handle the paperwork.


  3. William Jackson

    WordPress Philly 2016

    I’m so proud of Philly and the WordPress coming in December 2016.

    I was born and raised in Philly, been working in Jacksonville, Florida since 1987 teaching Educational Technology and Social Media at a college.

    I have been blogging for over 12 years and have seen a great deal of growth in blogging and microblogging.

    I’m planning to bring some of my students and very excited to show them my hometown and have them exposed to an awesome networking and just as awesome content creators.

    Is there anything special/extra/etc I should make my students aware of before we travel?

    Looking forward to a great time.

    Wm Jackson
    Edward Waters College


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