1. Robby

    I think that’s great news! It was a bit bittersweet to see tickets sell out so quickly last year. I would assume not quite (or just barely) selling out would suggest the venue is the appropriate size for the demand.

    Myself, and the rest of the Beaver Builder crew, have our tickets! We’re coming out from California and we’re already getting pretty excited about seeing/meeting everyone. Jeff, sorry to hear we’re going to miss you. Next time!! :)


  2. Paul Shryock

    I’m looking forward to going; this will be my first WordCamp. Also, as a Philadelphia native I can confidently say that Pat’s has the best cheesesteaks.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    Regretfully I can’t attend this history-making event.

    Can someone tell me if the streaming ticket is such that I can watch the WordCamp at a later time (is it recorded?).

    Also do they stream all of the events.

    Sorry for all the questions but couldn’t find any information about this type of a ticket on the WordCamp USA 2015 website.

    Cheers and thank you very much!


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