1. Omaar Osmaan

    Here’s a big thanks to Syed Balkhi for the donation. Among the others me too had been annoyed regarding the redirection.

    Happy to see it’s been handed over w/ out exchanging any money. :)


  2. Rene Hermenau


    you have my full respect, now more than ever and you are proving huge business foresights for the future of WordPress with that step.

    Instead of selling the domain for 50-100k, (estimated, real value is likely much more) you are making a awesome gift and are doing your part in making sure that WordPress keeps and increase its power in the future. This is a magnificent gesture but also a very wise decision from a business perspective for all your related projects which are depending on the success of WordPress.

    I am curious to see where wp.org will be routed in future. Logical step would be wordpress.org -> wp.org ;)


  3. Ulrich

    WP.org is an incredible addition to Mullenweg’s domain portfolio

    I find this is not fully correct.

    Matt != WordPress Foundation != Automattic

    wp.com belongs to Automattic and wp.org to the foundation.


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