Helping WPBeginner To Build A School is currently in the middle of what could be the largest WordPress prize giveaway I have ever seen. It’s to celebrate their fourth birthday (Happy birthday by the way) but there is also a very beneficial catch to this particular giveaway. For every dollar donated to the cause, WPBeginner founder Syed Balkhi will match that amount up to $25,000. So why has Syed decided to help build a school? According to a post on

There are currently more than 61 million children without access to education, and together we can do something about it. Education is a cause that’s truly important to me, so I’m excited to join the Pencils of Promise movement that empowers lives around the world by building schools for children in need.

At the time this article was published, $1,791 of $25,000 has been raised with 28 donations. The giveaway ends in four days, 11 hours.

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