1. hd-J

    imho WordPress.com has to stay the reference rather than WP.com. After all, it is a question of branding, and everybody knows WordPress now, and having it in the URL of many blogs is also part of the branding. Remove it and you destroy a part of the branding built arounf WordPress, don’t you think? Unless Matt wants to rebuild completely the image of WordPress of course.

    I would vote for the Mobile version of WordPress.com. There are already dozens of shortening services, Automattic just bought a good one so why bother?

    But like you, I am curious about the choices from WP team! You can be sure they had an idea before to buy the domain!!


  2. Edward Caissie

    In order, I would go with the hosted blog service first for the shortened URL; then, with the URL shortening service. It seems these ideas go hand-in-hand, perhaps Automattic can sort out a way to do both?!


  3. Patrick D.

    If they did that, Jeff, wouldn’t they haven’t to shut down any site with ‘wp’ in their domain to ‘avoid confusion’, for example, wptavern.com? Hmmmm…


  4. Jeffro

    @hd-J – Hmm valid point regarding branding but I could see them offering a choice to end users on which domain they would like to have as part of their URL. I bet the majority would pick WP.com.

    @Edward Caissie – What do you mean by hosted blog service for the shortened URL? You mean create a new WordPress.com built on top of WP.com?

    @Patrick D. – I didn’t think of that. Man, I hope not, that would make it a REAL PAIN to have a WordPress related domain if you could not have


  5. Mark McWilliams

    @Patrick D. – As Jeff says, it would be VERY hard to have a WordPress related domain if you couldn’t include WP in the domain! However, as they have stated on their site, they are happy with that just not the full!

    I personally don’t think they could enforce people like that is because it could be something completely UNRELATED to WordPress, afterall, it’s just 2 letters!

    Just my honest opinion though, each to their own! :)



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