15 Useful Hacks From WPBeginner

wpbeginnerlogo The folks over at WPBeginner.com have a great list of 15 different hacks for WordPress that they consider to be extremely useful, and I’d tend to agree. Their first hack which enables you to link to an external source from the post title sounds like something Matt Mullenweg could implement on his personal site. One of the useful hacks I found was the ability to use a custom image for the default Gravatar. Simple, but nifty. I’m also starting to see more of this thing called rand which is used to randomize something.

The most useful hack on that post which I’m thinking of implementing myself is the ability to delay the post from being published via RSS for a period of time so that I have a small window in case I need to make a change or edit the post. Couple of other good ones on the list as well so go check them out and bookmark it.


6 responses to “15 Useful Hacks From WPBeginner”

  1. We used a little more advanced version of #4 for the header/sidebar images on Reylenn.com recently.

    The main header/sidebar images are randomized from a single list of images. Some pages need a specific set of images (currently only their projects).

    You can also click the sidebar images for fun and profit.

  2. @matt mcinvale – I didn’t forget the link, stupid WordPress displayed a revision of the post instead of the autosave, I don’t know how that happened. The link is there now though.

  3. @Syed Balkhi – I’ve been keeping watch on your site and it’s definetly been cool to see some of the code snippets you have available. Keep up the great job over there.


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