WPBeginner Reviews Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin

WPBeginner has published a review of the Post Admin Shortcuts plugin that enables users to pin a post, page, or custom post type to make it easier to find and edit the next time your in the back-end of WordPress. Definitely a convenience type plugin that can come in handy if you’re routinely editing an old post that is deep within your archive.


4 responses to “WPBeginner Reviews Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin”

  1. Dear Sir
    I am trying to relocate the Primary Navigation Menu where I want it instead of it being right at the top of my page.
    In fact I am trying to posaition the Primary Navigation Menu somewhere in the middle but am confused how to do this with no coding but instead use the back end to move around and position.

    Your support will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks you in advance for your support

  2. I have just started with WordPress and so am new to all these gee whiz qizmos. The one thing that I have noticed is that all (or most) of my plug-ins are on my home page. And they are active.They can be used from the home page! I don’t know if this is just for me or if I have a security nightmare on my hands. I opened my blog from a new tab while I was working on the site in another tab. I this my problem?
    Jim Hadstate


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