1. Otto

    Hmm. Never noticed that before. Good idea.

    How about a search? Like… err… this? :)


  2. Syed Balkhi

    @Otto – Since now Otto has noticed this, I am certain that this issue will be addressed :)


  3. M.K. Safi

    This morning I get a report from LinkTiger telling me I have 17 broken links on my site, where as the day before I only had 1. Turns out, I’m linking to plenty of removed plugins and this issue has been fixed! Thanks guys!


  4. Jeffro

    @Syed Balkhi – I tried going to a made up plugin name and instead of being redirected to the front page of the repository, I now get a search box and a page saying Whoops We Couldn’t Find What You Were Looking For with a list of similar plugins based on relevance. Much better than what we had previously. Props to You and Otto for that one.


  5. Otto

    @M.K. Safi – Yeah, I made sure that even though it gives you that nice search, it’s also returning a 404 header there too. Should address the bad links issue. :)


  6. Syed Balkhi

    Great job Otto. I knew you would take care of this right away :)


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