Plugin Repository Now Supports Videos

A few days ago, I mentioned that the readme file for repository hosted plugins was updated so that authors could provide a short explanation as to why a user should upgrade to the newest version. The readme file has been updated again to include support for videos. According to Michael Adams who is responsible for this enhancement, plugin authors can add a YouTube, Vimeo or video into their readme file via a shortcode. The plugin repository readme validator has also been updated to show videos if they have been included. Dre Armeda asked what measures would be taken to combat spam or advertisements within the videos. Matt replied with:

I’m most worried about Youtube, seeing a lot more spammy stuff on there with the ability to put links and popups in videos. If the feature is abused, we’ll just turn it off.

A lot of plugins are beginning to have screencasts attached to them so that users can get a better idea on how the plugin actually works. Building this type of support into the plugin repository just makes sense.


3 responses to “Plugin Repository Now Supports Videos”

  1. As an ad and spam-free alternative to YouTube, it would be pretty cool if Automattic would give plugin authors free use of VideoPress specifically for videos that will appear in the plugin repository.

    I mean, I get that Automattic already does a lot for the WordPress project but, as I say, this would be pretty cool and a very targeted way to support the plugin eco-system.


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