Small Potato Coming Back Again

kwimlogo Small Potato recently announced on his personal blog yesterday that he was coming back to design WordPress themes. Not only that, but he stated he was going to compete with the commercial theme authors. A bold move by Small Potato but if anyone could do it, he could.

Coming back to WordPress, I wanted to design only. Now, I’m going to code too. I’m coming back to WordPress and I’m going to compete with those premium theme clubs and top theme authors. For those who reads my stuff online, I know you saw this a mile a way. Because of how my last site ended, I can’t help it. I have to come back.

I have no doubt that the community will be keeping a close eye on Small Potato to see if he picks up where he left off or if he plans on taking on these theme authors with a new approach. It’s nice to have him back designing in the community again.

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