Lofty Goal Set For Tung Do

Tung Do otherwise known throughout the WordPress community as ‘Small Potato‘ is on a mission. That mission is as follows:

To create a more enjoyable and feature-packed service than I’m not gunning for, but it’s the easiest way to explain what I’m going to build. And instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’ll use’s business model — freemium — as well.

In a recent blog post on, Tung Do outlines something akin to a business plan. While his personal project won’t be a direct competitor, he’ll use the freemimum model popularized by Automattic. The service will have one theme, not many although he mentions the possibility of child themes down the road. While the initial account will be free, there will be optional paid upgrades.

Tung Do’s follow up comment to his article is also worth reading to get a better idea about what he’ll be working on. While the hosting business is tough as nails, I think there is still room in that segment to succeed. I reached out to Tung to find out more about his project but he doesn’t want to go into details about something that doesn’t exist yet.

If you had any advice for Small Potato, what would you tell him?

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