Small Potato /Tung Do Gets Second Chance With DevPress

devpress logoDevPress, a team of highly skilled WordPress developers has announced that Tung Do has become to the sole owner of the business. The quote being published all over the place by Tung Do sums up the situation the best:

After months of inconsistent collaboration, DevPress is left with one remaining co-founder, me — Tung Do. Justin Tadlock, Patrick Daly, and Ptah Dunbar are going to pursue personal projects.

No one man to lead the charge with all individuals having an equal share and no personal responsibility for anything were some of the causes listed for this major change in direction.

It’s too bad really. With the talent that DevPress possessed, (Tung Do, Ptah Dunbar, Justin Tadlock, Patrick Daly) they could have turned so many of their cool ideas into awesome parts of the business. However, all of this translates into a second chance for Tung Do as he now holds the reigns of DevPress. I remember when Small Potato (Tung Do) was one of the first to launch a WordPress theme club shortly before the sale of According to him, the DevPress club will continue and not surprisingly, will focus on just themes for the time being. This shouldn’t bother users in the least considering the designing talent that Tung has. Out of all the WordPress designs/themes that I’ve seen in the past few years, Tung Do still has that something extra that makes his designs/themes stand above the rest.

I’m personally wishing you the best of luck Tung Do and hope you take serious advantage of this second chance.

Justin Tadlock has since published his thoughts on his personal site.

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