Want Small Potato To Create A New Design For You?

Small Potato also known as Tung Do recently sent me an email regarding a proposition he wanted to send to the readers of this blog. After chatting with him for a bit, I decided to take him up on his offer which is as follows:

Hey Jeff. it’s sp. i’d like to offer free blog redesigns to wptavern blog readers and forum users. No, I don’t have anything to promote, just thought it’d be a cool thing to do and I have the time. This service comes with a catch, the redesigns are PSD only, no code and a generic version of the finished design has to be available for public use [to contribute to the themes community at the same time]. Steps below sums it up:

  • wptavern reader comes to me about redesign
  • I create the design
  • ship it off to that person
  • release a generic version of that design for public use

If interested, you can get in touch with Small Potato by checking out his blog here, Kwim.me


9 responses to “Want Small Potato To Create A New Design For You?”

  1. I’ve been following Kwim.me for a while now. Great place to check out every once and a while for PSD designs.

    I think it’s very cool what he’s doing, although I wonder if he’s going to get back into the WordPress game again?

  2. i have 4 redesign requests lined up already. please make sure the blog you’re trying to redesign belongs to you. this offer is for personal blog owners only, not design companies ;).

  3. first redesign done.

    hey jeff, let me know if you want to turn these redesigns into a new series on wptavern. i’ll put together a detailed post for each redesign.


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