WPWeekly Episode 20 – Friday The 13th Edition – Newsy

wordpressweekly1This was one hell of an episode. For the first 35 minutes of the show, I interviewed Patrick O’ Keefe who is the author of the book, “Managing Online Forums“. Although this is a WordPress centric podcast, most users of WordPress either have a forum attached to their blog, run a forum seperate from their blog or at some point in time, dealt with running a forum. We discussed all sorts of issues related to managing a forum and then we dived into topics which were more in line with managing a community. There is some great information which was shared within this interview and I highly suggest giving it a listen. Thanks Patrick for stopping by.

After the interview, we dove into the news of the week. Near the end of the show, Darren Hoyt, author of the Mimbo Pro WordPress theme called in and I sort of did an impromptu interview with him. I asked him questions relating to the Mimbo Pro Theme, how successful it’s been since its release, his thoughts on theme clubs, the premium theme market and a wide assortment of other topics.

This is an hour and a half episode which is jammed pack with great information. Please enjoy the show and let me know what you think.


Darren Hoyt – DarrenHoyt.com

Dan Philibin of WPCandy

Patrick O’ Keefe author of the book “Managing Online Forums

Richard Paul – Richard called in during the show and offered his insights and opinions to the discussions that took place during the show

Jacob Santos of Santosj.name

Topics Of Discussion:

Fight Website Content Theft by Filing a DMCA Complaint

Manage Your 125X125 Ads With The Show125 Plugin

Displaying Related Category and Author Content In WordPress

Small Potato Is Still Alive But WPDesigner Is Not

Lost E Minor Redesigns Their Site And Goes All WordPress

All In One SEO Plugin Dies

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

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