1. jL

    The web-based client URL is webchat.freenode.com


  2. Ricky Buchanan

    I just love that the post editor ‘box’ is so much bigger. I generally edit in text mode so this is the biggest change that I see all the time and it makes my life so much better!


    • Jeff Chandler

      Interesting that you think it’s bigger. I didn’t notice a size increase at all but that might have been due to the way I sized it before. The fact that it resizes automatically is a big convenience. I’m surprises there hasn’t been more back lash to losing the little icon to manually make the window bigger or smaller.


  3. sanji41

    I really like the improvement on the editor, especially if you are writing tutorials and using a lot of images. Going back and forth for the media button is a lot of work, being sticky is really a big improvement. Now, I am looking forward to what they are going to do next :)


  4. David Decker

    To be honest, I have no favorite feature in this release. It’s all minor stuff in my opinion, ok, it’s some “polishing” and “refining” which is great. However, it’s nothing really essential like the upcoming REST API will be!

    I really hope for REAL refining and polishing in future versions, for example in these areas: the search functionality, Multisite/Network improvements, export/import improvements (timeout issues, media issues), plus handling of wpautop in a lot of situations.


  5. Serena @ Thrift Diving

    I had to be as honest as David– there’s no changes that really help. Even though the editing menu is sticky when you scroll down, I discovered that it doesn’t work. For example, if I am trying to format a header, if I am scrolled too far down, clicking on it won’t show any drop down menu. I still have to scroll all the way up for it to release a drop down menu. ANNOYING. So, I re-installed to the previous WordPress until they work out all the kinks.

    Serena @ Thrift Diving


  6. Walter Jeffries

    My favorite feature is that it continues to work. Well, for the most part. WP4 broke one plugin. But it pretty much works. I mean, it’s isn’t like it’s totally failing. It does work. I like that.


  7. Paul

    Not many, to be honest. The only highlight is the WP_Query ORDER BY long overdue fix.


  8. dailytut

    i miss the old wordpress editor. some keyboard shortcuts are not working and i find it difficult to work like before. wordpress team should work on it and make it more friendly than making it so complex.



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