1. Peter Knight (@peterrknight)

    Great reporting! I’m really keen on trying out the Pods JSON api. Going to create some time in the weekend for that. The cool thing about using pods is that you have a lot of freedom using WP as the backend, letting you play with any kind of content type. It will be cool to see the customary task/todo app with WP powering the back-end.


  2. zenofwordpress

    I am just experimenting for now. Trying to get WP backend to serve a Ember.js frontend. Have lots of questions. What is the best place to go ask questions about how to do stuff? Thanks


  3. Earl Swigert

    We’re using the json API to run our single page portfolio site at http://www.periscopic.com


  4. jezza101

    Any update on when this might hit core?


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