1. Sol Huebner

    I would like to see more people contributing to the Front-End Editor to get a good working version into WP Core for 4.1 ☺


  2. Ioana

    I really appreciate the focus on security matters! And a huge thanks to all the people that keep making WordPress even better than it already is!


  3. Jeff Chandler

    interesting that no mention of the WP API came up when asked about aspirations for 4.1. Will need to check the logs of the first dev meeting to see if it will be coming. I heard that it might be delayed back to 4.2. One thing that’s likely a shoe-in is the TwentyFifteen default theme which by all accounts, looks to be something a lot of users are interested in using.

    At any rate, glad to see another WordPress Agency devote time and resources and of course, another employee that is not Automattic or Audrey based to lead a release cycle. Good luck to Blackbourn!


  4. KTS915

    Great to see John Blackbourn as the next lead developer.

    With a bit of luck, that will ensure that the next release concentrates on security and code optimization, instead of the recent obsession with all things shiny.


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