1. KTS915

    After just three days on WordPress.org, it is already active on more than 700 sites.

    Interesting idea for a theme, but there’s something wrong with the stats on wordpress.org. They say it’s only been downloaded about 300 times, so how it lists “active installs” at 700+ is a bit of a mystery.


  2. Dave Warfel

    She is one of the few Themeforest authors trying to make a difference by adhering to WordPress best practices.

    ^ So happy to hear that, and very glad she’s having success with it. The community could benefit if more theme developers followed her lead :-)


  3. Steven Gliebe

    I’d be interested in knowing how well the free theme converts buyers to the Pro version.


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    Wow! This theme is just so well done.


  5. Rahul Yadav

    Perfect Political theme. thanks


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