Latte: A Free One-Page WordPress Theme to Showcase Your Profile


Latte is a new parallax style WordPress portfolio theme created by Hardeep Asrani. The 19-year old developer from India already has 17 plugins and four themes to his credit on We recently featured his work on the Advanced CSS Editor plugin, which allows users to write CSS in the customizer.

Latte follows suit with extensive customizer options for every section of the one-page scrolling theme. It was created for developers, designers, and freelancers who want to feature their work in a visual resume format with a profile photo, short bio, services, newsletter subscription, and more. Each of these sections are optional and can be turned on/off with a simple checkbox in the customizer.


Latte theme users can choose to highlight different skills, portfolio items, blog posts, and/or services they provide. It is geared towards individuals who want to lead with their profile and keep all their relevant information on the home page.


In many one-page scrolling themes, blog posts become somewhat of an afterthought that don’t receive the same design attention. Latte, on the other hand, includes a simple, tasteful single post design that is harmonious with the rest of the site. A blog header image can be set in the customizer to be unique or match the rest of the site.


If you’re not a fan of the preloader or the scrolling parallax animations, you can disable them in the customizer. The theme supports a slide-out navigation menu, which can also be disabled if you plan to keep all the content on the homepage without posting any blogs.

Asrani built 100+ color control options into the theme and prides himself on its customizability. Latte’s homepage states that if you find something in the theme which is not customizable, then he will work on adding it to the theme.

The services, skills, and subscribe sections are widgetized areas where the content is generated by special widgets that are included in the theme. Documentation for setting up the various sections is included in the theme’s zip file. If you want to add pricing tables, a contact form, portfolio section, or a map, you’ll need to purchase the pro version. To Asrani’s credit, the free version is not cluttered by pro version “teaser” controls in the customizer.

Check out the live demo to see each of the available sections in action on the page.

Latte offers a welcome alternative to clunky, confusing page builders or drag-and-drop editors. With everything in the customizer, the user doesn’t have to hunt around for how to edit its many sections. If you want a simple one-page theme to showcase your profile and services, you’d be hard pressed to find one more customizable than Latte. Download it for free from or via your admin themes browser.

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  1. Thank you for a great article. I wasn’t expecting it at all. And quite honestly, I was having thoughts if Latte is any good. Free version also included Testimonial section, but I was asked to remove it during the theme review. Hope you all like it too. :)


  2. Unfortunately the live preview on doesn’t seem to work. Not sure if this is a theme issue, or more to do with the theme directory.


    1. Homepage is a page template so you need to set it as a static front page. Unfortunately, wporg demo doesn’t give us much of a choice in terms of preview.


    2. Just visit his site. previews are for blog type themes. They don’t work well with the new CMS type themes that require a static front page.


      1. Hopefully, there’s a ticket somewhere in Trac about this, so maybe it will be solved soon. :)


  3. Not a good idea having all sections in customizer. I would better use meta box tab in home page to accomodate all sections.


    1. Hey,

      1. Using Customizer you will get to see everything live.

      2. WordPress Theme Review Team will never allow developers to add custom metabox for anything but design related functions.

      There are a lot of great ways to do this but they all fall outside the wporg guidelines. :)


  4. Amazing free one page WordPress Theme, I will use it soon.


  5. Do you think this theme would be suited for a health/fitness consulting business?


    1. Hey Lynn,

      I’m pretty sure I saw one fitness club using it and it looked pretty good. But in the end it’s about your vision of the website so it depends on your needs. :)


  6. Nice looking theme but is there a possibility to change the footer?
    Understand that the designer need some credits but I also need to set a copyright to protect my content.


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