1. Tziortzis Kyprianou

    Excellent theme Alex! Great Job!


  2. Someone getting married soon

    A wedding site should have details about the wedding on it, not details about the bride and groom to be and how they met – most people going to the wedding will already know this. The visuals are nice, but zero thought seems to have been put into the content that most people will use/need.

    No date they’re getting married. No map to the venue. No RSVP functionality.

    Like most WordPress themes, it’s all style over zero substance.


    • M

      From the screenshots in this article, it seems like there are dedicated parts for those informations, look at the menu.


    • Matthew Cain

      The date is on the first slider, but the rest is missing. Even the simplest RSVP functionality would really come in handy here.


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