1. Geraldine
    · Reply

    Was the version you designed responsive?


  2. richard Ginn
    · Reply

    Yep… You used the Editor Plus plugin as default Gutenberg just does not have the basic default functionality to pull what you did off yet.


    • Steve Grant
      · Reply

      Yeah, I was keen on Editor Plus until it got swallowed by Extendify (even though I’m sure they are a fine company).

      This is what happens if we start to rely on Gutenberg add-ons:

      Step 1: Add the free version because we want feature X
      Step 2: The free version adds a nag banner everywhere and we look cheap to our clients
      Step 3: We purchase the “Pro” version
      Step 4: The Pro version adds a bunch of stuff we don’t want, so we unhook it all in our theme functions.
      Step 5: The Pro version subscription price is raised by 500% and the team “promise to do better”
      Step 6: Enjoy supporting the walled garden you placed your clients inside.

      It’s the natural life cycle of WP Fremium products.
      So that’s why I stopped using Editor Plus as soon as they stepped onto this treadmill. I’ll only use core Gutenberg with additions I can confidently maintain myself.


    • Justin Tadlock
      · Reply

      Just for clarity, the block system makes this possible for theme authors to pull off. It is not currently possible via the user interface.


  3. Kel
    · Reply

    Seems like a great opportunity for the WordPress.org documentation / content team (!) to link up some more content about this and add it to https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/

    Is there also a YouTube channel for the visual folks to follow?


  4. Ron
    · Reply

    Hey Justin:

    I enjoyed the blog post. And, for the record, I like your design better.


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