1. Doug

    I’ve been using Block Variations on a site I’m building. I have a hard time seeing how Block Patterns are much different.


  2. Ryan Warren

    This is awesome :)


  3. René Hermenau

    It’s a really exciting new update and nearly a major update due to all of these upcoming improvements.
    There is a lot of new stuff coming up in WordPress 5.5 like

    Lazy loading for images
    Block editor improvements
    Better Inline Imaging Editing
    Block patterns section templates
    (Mobile) device previews
    Background Block Colors
    Block navigation
    New measurements
    XML site map
    Auto updates for theme and plugins
    Better manual theme and plugin updates

    Especially lazy loading and the new ability to upload plugin packages when a already is already installed is amazing. No more need to uninstall a premium plugin before being able to upload an updated package.

    I’ve written an article with details to all these new things in WordPress 5.5:



  4. Thomas Weichselbaumer

    Thanks so much for the write up, Justin. Not just in this article, but all your latest posts. There is so much going on right now with WordPress and Gutenberg, that it is sometimes hard to follow all the changes. WP Tavern was really helpful to keep up with everything :)

    I’m very excited about Block Patterns and all the other goodies, version 5.5 was really made for us themers. The custom logo change could have been handled better, as an opt-in feature like the navigation-widgets, or announced sooner, but it seems like a minor change to make.


  5. Joe

    What happens if a user tries to turn on auto updates for a theme or plugin outside the wp org directory?


  6. Jacob Jack

    Great update! These features sound amazing so far!


  7. Dawood

    I’m facing a major problem that after the last update for the WordPress, I’m not able to edit my pages and posts! any help


  8. Coffee guy

    I’m excited about all the new features! But just be sure to backup wordpress and database before updating to 5.5 because I clicked it on a new website I was building and it broke the visual editor I was using and even after some corrections the website was still broken, I had to revert to the 5.4 version and I’m sticking with it.


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