Add Wedding Registry Links to WordPress with the Bean Registry Plugin

Wedding themes are a highly niche market for what is oftentimes a once-in-a-lifetime event. Consequently, plugins that extend these themes for wedding-specific functionality are not as common as plugins for portfolios, testimonials, recipes, etc. If you develop wedding themes, you may want to check out Bean Registry, a new free plugin created by the folks at ThemeBeans.


Adding links to registries is a common request for wedding themes, but it usually requires pasting a block of code into a page or hunting down logos and trying to size them to look nice with the theme. Bean Registry offers an attractive and convenient way to place and link store logos within the WordPress post editor.

Once installed, the plugin adds a new button to the visual editor where the user can select from a dropdown list of the most common stores where people register.


This will automatically insert the correct shortcode and the user can then paste the registry link into the URL attribute.

The resulting display on the frontend will look different, depending on what theme you’re using. The example below is from an unmodified version of Twenty Fifteen.


ThemeBeans developed the plugin for use with its new Emma wedding theme, which includes a live demo of Bean Registry in action. Because it was created for a wedding theme, the 18 stores currently included in the plugin mostly cater to weddings. After receiving some initial feedback, ThemeBeans plans to add more baby stores to the list. Future versions of the plugin will make it more flexible for use with baby showers and announcements.

The Bean Registry plugin could be a handy tool for WordPress theme developers who want to include support for it in their wedding themes. Instead of trying to build registry listings from scratch, the plugin can be styled to match your theme. Download it for free from

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