1. Jehan L.

    Great video and thanks for sharing! I love the vision for WordPress with Gutenberg.


  2. Rasmus Jürs

    There are a lot of great points in the video and i think the community will make it work.

    There is no doubt that Gutenberg will be a success, but as i see it it won’t be because of the Gutenberg team, it will be in spite of the gutenberg team.
    I dont think many would argue that the project hasn’t been grossly mishandled most of the way, the large public outcry is clear evidence of that. But hopefully that will prevent this type of project strategy in the future.

    That being said, i still dont think it is too late to make Gutenberg opt-in for at least 6 months or a year. Ask during new installations whether the user wants classic “MS Word” style editing or modern Gutenberg style editing.


  3. Irishetcher

    While still ambivalent on where we are going with GB, Mario’s video is informative. I do agree that GB can act as a uniforming foundation for page structure that page builders can use who well that is implemented remains to be seen.


  4. Steve Wilkinson

    Maybe in 5 years, or 10 years? But, it isn’t like page-builders are just going to sit still either.


  5. TechnoBrains

    Nice video, very helpful. However, I am bit confused about how gautenberg will come along when it comes to offer user friendliness that other page builder offers. But I believe that Visual Composer is the best one I came across with so far. Do you think this will be better than Visual Composer?


  6. Atul Host

    Appreciate the detailed information, I read less but watched the video full and it made me understand the future is bright with Gutenberg editor.


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