1. Stephen Vaughan

    Looks like a good move for Elementor users.

    Ben Pines assertion that Gutenberg provides a standardised solution to layout though needs to be unpicked.

    There are many page builders to choose from and these are generally pretty good. Even within the Gutenberg ecosphere there are blocks provided by the likes of Kadence and Gallery Block and these are good too.

    Historically one of the big issues with WordPress and themes/page builders was the headaches encountered when switching from one to another. The standardisation argument starts to fall apart once you start looking closely at the scenarios using the new block editor. You still have each vendor using their own solutions for layout albeit wrapped in the new block paradigm and the problem here is that if you switch off a plugin (or theme) to use another your layout goes out the window meaning you have to start over and on that score.

    We do have the columns block but it seems to be an orphaned element, not seeing any love from the block editor/core team. Why this is the case, who knows but it does mean that the editor stops short of providing the solution that has been much needed for years. Layout functionality needs to be provided by the new editor covering sections, rows and columns. It needs to be basic with maybe settings for padding and provide good responsive functionality. An API should be provided into which third party developers can hook their own bells an whistles. If you deactivate a theme or plugin for page building the basic layout remains.

    I think many would be happy with this kind of standardisation.

    And, for those who don’t care for page building, they don’t have to use these features. You can alternatively just use the Classic block and I would highly recommend TinyMCE Advanced, if that is your preference. For that, and other html work, we also need an update and improvement to the text editor experience with many IDE features.


  2. Mahesh Waghmare

    Awesome! First Good News of 2019!


  3. Mike

    So ironic. I just moved a client’s site from the LayersWP theme to GeneratePress Premium last night. I did so because it was using the free version, which came from the WordPress themes repository, and which hadn’t been updated in a couple of years.

    The customizer page-builder seemed clunky and obsolete, and the theme itself had mobile issues. I saw that a version of the free theme was on GitHub, but since I could no longer get automatic updates from the WordPress dashboard, I chucked it.

    Oh, well. I’m keeping that site on GeneratePress for the time being.


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