Lovecraft: New Free WordPress Theme Combines Prominent Imagery with Strong Serif Fonts

WordPress theme author Anders Norén is back to releasing themes after a brief hiatus over the winder holidays. Lovecraft, is his 10th theme to be approved on

The Lovecraft design was inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, an American horror fiction author known for his “weird realism” – the idea that reality is fundamentally weird and the human mind is incapable of realistically representing it.

Norén’s tribute to Lovecraft’s work is conveyed most clearly through the serif-heavy typography of the theme and a strong focus on the imagery assigned to each post. He selected Google Font’s Playfair Display for page and post headers, accompanied by Georgia for the body text. The bright red links and red post meta complement the design’s literary theme.


The homepage showcases a full-width header image and each post replaces that image with its own featured image. These images, along with the rest of the theme, gracefully scale down for smaller devices.

Lovecraft, like many other recently released themes, adds additional features by offering support for Jetpack, including the infinite scroll module and styles for tiled galleries.

Norén took every small detail into consideration when creating Lovecraft, as you can see with the blockquotes design, ordered lists, post media, and form styles on the Style Guide page.


The theme allows you to select the accent color via the customizer. It also includes support for a custom logo, editor styles, and matching widgets for Flicker, recent posts, and recent comments with thumbnails. Pages have an additional template for full-width display. Check out the live demo to see Lovecraft in action.

If you’re looking for a bold new theme for your blog and you appreciate strong serif fonts, Lovecraft is a thoughtfully-designed option. The theme is available for free in the WordPress Theme Directory as of today. For more information on how Anders Norén finds continual inspiration for his free themes, check out our recent interview with the designer.


2 responses to “Lovecraft: New Free WordPress Theme Combines Prominent Imagery with Strong Serif Fonts”

  1. Another beautiful theme from Anders. He’s a huge inspiration for other theme authors! And this theme is just gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous theme. After testing it shortly after release, I decided to make it my default theme. Still working on a few things, but man, does it class up the place.


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