1. Robin

    Is it compatible with aesop?


  2. Alec Kinnear

    I must say that permanent marker is pretty hideous and really cheapens the look. Individual posts looking good without the large image is a thoughtful touch though.


  3. Muhammad Imran

    Wow, Nice and simple theme. I just downloaded it and will use it on my personal blog soon.
    Thanks for sharing it Sarah :)


  4. Marcus L Tibesar

    It’s definitely different – I think you’ll really like it or really hate it. Noticed sentence word-wrap is truncating words incorrectly though.


  5. Mel Choyce

    Really fun design. :) Great theme.


  6. Andrew Smallwood

    Good post, I can look at themes all day long, it’s great for inspiration and I just thank the people that make these themes. It seems like everyone wants minimal these days, I wonder what makes that so popular? Maybe people in my generation are responding more to visuals and design than just great writing, I don’t know.


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