Adler: A Unique Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress

If you’re on the hunt for a new WordPress blogging theme but the designs are all starting to look too similar, you may want to check out Adler. It is one of the more unique themes to land in the directory in recent months with its uncommon typography choices and bright bursts of color.

Adler was created by Romanian theme designer George Olaru of Pixelgrade. Olaru takes a unique approach to the popular fullscreen splash page style that many themes have adopted for a homepage layout, overlaying it with a serif font title paired with a hand-script style subtitle.


Styling for single posts is similar to the home page with the featured image serving as a fullscreen background for the title. Scroll further down and the post content is centered with no distracting sidebar widgets.

Adler combines two unusual Google font choices in the design: Droid Sans Mono for paragraph text and Permanent Marker for blockquotes and subtitles. Images in posts overhang the text column to create a strong visual impact.


Adler’s files include a tiny leaf icon that is tastefully applied on the home and archive templates to separate posts. The effect is minimalist without appearing to be stark. The theme also includes support for Font Awesome icons.


The necessity for large featured images can sometimes be a drawback for users when selecting a blogging theme. After testing Adler, I found that the design doesn’t break if you don’t have a large featured image assigned to a post. In fact, posts lacking a featured image look just as nice as those that include one, so you’re not tied down to hunting for one every time you publish.

Adler supports three menu locations for a primary, footer, and social menu. It includes support for one footer widget area, which spans three columns. There are just two options available in the native customizer that allow you to change the background color or add a background image.

Adler was created to be a personal blogging theme and the design instantly communicates: “I have something to say.” Check out the live demo on to see it in action. If you like what you see, you can download Adler for free from


11 responses to “Adler: A Unique Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress”

  1. I must say that permanent marker is pretty hideous and really cheapens the look. Individual posts looking good without the large image is a thoughtful touch though.

    • Using a different Google font is really a tiny change that can be applied in under a minute via a child theme, so I never look at fonts as set in stone.

      • Absolutely. Perhaps the designers might make the default typefaces out of the box a bit more elegant to go with the rest of the theme’s good looks. The typewriter face is super (and still underused – happily).

        • Thanks for the heads-up Sarah. I have to say to Alec: With all due respect, one person’s elephant is another person’s elegant! I like the look. Unique and creative. Just saying :-)

  2. It’s definitely different – I think you’ll really like it or really hate it. Noticed sentence word-wrap is truncating words incorrectly though.

  3. Good post, I can look at themes all day long, it’s great for inspiration and I just thank the people that make these themes. It seems like everyone wants minimal these days, I wonder what makes that so popular? Maybe people in my generation are responding more to visuals and design than just great writing, I don’t know.


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