1. Gary Bairead

    I think this is a good move by Envato.

    I hope theme authors consider what the theme market will look like 5, 10, or 15 years from now. They need to build sustainable business models.


  2. Diego

    I have raised the price of a plugin from 19$ to 24$ and I’ve got more sales since then, but as said by others it’s quite early to understand if it’s not just random (my volumes are small).


  3. Ben

    Hi Sarah,

    Firstly wanted to thank you for mentioning my blog WPin.me. With reference to ADP (Author Driven Pricing) time will be the real judge of things.

    The current user base on ThemeForest is a mixed bag, some will pay for quality and others will simply turn their noses up at higher prices.

    It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure, however the old saying ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’ could be used in this case.

    It does empower theme / plugin developers to charge what they believe to be a fair price. It’s just a case of whether TF’s user base has deep pockets. Again time will tell.


  4. Andreas Nurbo

    Been interested in selling on Envato but from a legal and tax aspect it is, as far as I understand, an utter mess.


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