Editor: A Beautiful Free WordPress Theme for Writers

Array, the WordPress theme shop formerly known as Okay Themes, has branched out into WordPress.org with the release of Editor, a beautiful new blogging theme. Editor is stamped with Array’s trademark simplicity and bold style. It was designed to have images, videos, and text scale down nicely for reading on any mobile device.


Editor includes options in the customizer for adding your own logo and setting the featured posts category that will appear in the sidebar. You can also assign a background color or image for the site and a color for the sidebar.

The use of big, bold typography and large format featured images makes Editor a stunning theme. As it was designed for writers, it includes unique styling for blockquotes and pull quotes to highlight information within articles.

galleryEditor was created to work nicely with several Jetpack modules, including infinite scroll, contact forms, carousels and mosaic galleries. This enables the theme to incorporate styles for more functionality while not having to bear the burden of supporting the associated plugins.

Check out a live demo of the theme to see it in action, and make sure to view the Style Guide to see pull quotes, tables, highlights, and gallery examples.

Mike McAlister decided to rebrand Array after pulling his products out of ThemeForest. His team was excited to give something back to the WordPress world, hence the release of Editor.

“With the recent launch of Array, we thought it was a good opportunity to give back to the community on a larger scale and create a theme that would empower people to publish beautiful content with minimal effort,” McAlister said. His approach to releasing a free theme is rather unique in that it’s not a “lite version” of a better, commercial copy:

Although Editor is free, it is by no means limited or any less capable than a commercial theme. We put the same attention to detail into Editor as we do all of the themes in the Array collection. It was important to us that we create a theme that didn’t feel free or have any catch. No up-selling, no upgrade nags, no funny business. Just a unique and well-crafted theme that’s super easy to use from the second you activate it.

This is Array’s first theme on WordPress.org and if the experiment goes well, the team hopes to release another. McAlister said that they’ll be submitting Editor to WordPress.com in the coming days, so if you’re hosted there you may be able to use it soon.

Right now, it’s only available for self-hosted WordPress blogs. Download Editor for free on WordPress.org or via your admin themes browser.


11 responses to “Editor: A Beautiful Free WordPress Theme for Writers”

  1. Gorgeous!

    “The Right Typeface Can Make All the Difference”

    And this is a perfect example of using the right typeface.

  2. I hope everyone enjoys Editor! Just a note that while the download page says the theme author is Okay Themes, this will soon be fixed to say Array. There was a slight mixup during the review process. ;)

  3. Very elegant design! I always see Roboto used with very light font weight, and frankly it’s not my favorite look. Too airy. I wasn’t familiar with the condensed version. It’s lovely! Great work all around.

    • Thanks, Robby! I accidentally stumbled upon Roboto Condensed when looking for a better title font. It worked out really well, giving the theme a different vibe than it originally started with.

  4. Just downloaded the theme…what can be said about Mike, the man knows his stuff. Two words…simply beautiful


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