1. Justin

    Thanks for the review, Sarah. Sami Keijonen just released his Vaaka child theme, and Thiago Senna already has a child theme nearly ready to go. One of the things that’s so fun about doing themes this way is that it allows really talented designers like these guys to come up with unique designs without having to do all of the technical work. I’m excited to see everyone’s child themes.


  2. Fikri Rasyid

    The theme looks fantastic! I’m a fan of one column theme myself (I developed one column theme too) Saga handles lots of issue brilliantly:

    – The typography feels great
    – It displays photography appropriately.

    And there’s one thing I just realized now: the demo site uses different language to test the appearance of the theme. I think WP theme test unit should do this too.


    • Justin

      I’m actually working on a small developer plugin for language testing. It’s in the early stages right now, but it’s been a huge help to me with testing my themes. It’d be nice to have some test data for many different languages to work with. That’d be a good community project to set up.


  3. Denis_Bosire

    You got my attention when you promised a free lifetime membership for anyone who develops a child theme, lol .Good work @justin , I think I’ll be working on it pretty soon.


  4. Sami Keijonen

    It was blast to build child theme for Saga. And it really is as easy as it gets.



    Awesome theme and it follows the exact approach of my latest free theme (http://lifeisgood.daniel-klose.com) which is sitting in the approval for .org for 1 month now :-/
    Tho I went a bit further and stripped even more “noise” from the loop for certain post formats like quotes, single image and asides!
    Hope someone at the theme review team reviews it sooner or later :-/


  6. tlcoles

    Justin, with such large images, the theme also demands some pretty significant photograph resources. So some questions!

    What is the recommended size for the images?

    Do you have a source for images that you would recommend?

    Does the theme also have handling for how featured images show up when posts are shared? Thumbnails, etc.

    Thanks! And keep up the good work!


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