1. Fikri Rasyid

    This. Looks. Awesome.

    Really :D


  2. John

    Thank you for the article, Sarah; that looks fantastic, though I’m bummed out about the continuing trend of losing the site’s tagline in the narrow mobile view. Some designers consider the tagline a dinosaur, but I’ve always felt it’s something that makes WordPress more personal and more special than similar blogging platforms. I’d love to see the tagline make it into the final design of the mobile view. But beyond that, that’s really a fabulous looking theme. Simple and handsome, as it should be.


  3. Miroslav Glavic

    Shouldn’t 2015 come out in 2015?


    • Jeff Chandler

      Not exactly. The default theme for next year should arrive in time to be used the full year so shipping it in December makes perfect sense. It sure beats getting a new default theme in the middle of the year.


  4. Jeff Chandler

    Takashi Irie has skills and I like his design aesthetics. Nice to see a default theme going back to WordPress’ roots. Clean, simple, and elegant.


  5. Nathan P.

    I’d love to see a three column theme (with content in the middle) be the default one of these days. Either that, or one that had header and footer widget areas.


  6. Brin Wilsoin

    I’m surprised to see another one with a sticky sidebar (is the sidebar SO important it deserves 1/3 or the screen and a set height?) – I was really hoping to go back to something like twenty twelve or twenty thirteen…. a three-column one would have been really nice…


  7. Piet

    Great, it looks like it will be another perfect learning-experience theme! I don’t see myself actually using the theme as a whole on my own site or a site of my clients, but definitely bits and pieces of it will be(come) very handy indeed!
    I like the background image in the sidebar, very cool :)


  8. Ryan Hellyer

    I love this design. For my own site, I was erring toward mashing up my Hellish Simplicity design with the Wintersong theme by StudioPress and the Rams theme posted recently here on the Tavern recently. But that mashup would look disturbingly similar to the 2015 theme design above. I want something original’ish, so I guess I need to go back to the drawing board now :(

    Damn you Takashi Irie for coming up with good designs!


    • Brent Logan

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees some similarities to the Rams theme. I liked Rams enough that I’m using it now. The differences between Rams and Twenty Fifteen are good. I’m excited to see this new theme and expect to use it.


  9. Sajan

    Just can not wait till the final design is released. First look of Twenty Fifteen Looks a simpler. Looks like the Twenty Fifteen is going to elegant and definitely focused towards blogging. I’m super excited to use it.


  10. R. Bhavesh

    Absolutely love this and a suitable “default” theme.

    Thank god, we won’t have to put up with 2014 theme anymore.


  11. Haseeb Ahmad Ayazi

    Seems to be the revised copy of tweenty elven.


  12. Nico

    Pretty simplistic, might s well use plain html and no css to build a site >_>


  13. christopher

    ive always adored 2012 theme, never liked 2011, 2013 or 2014 (kinda ticked i bought it before it become the default theme), but 2015 is the next best thing to 2012


    • Ryan Hellyer

      Agreed. I think the Twenty Fifteen design has turned out really well. The early builds were a bit ridiculous, but all the bugs and problems seem to have been ironed out and I really like it now.


  14. Richard Day

    I may have found a bug. I have created a page with many thumbnail images on it. When you click on the thumbnail image, it goes to a sub level page giving a large image and about 200+ characters of text.

    Yesterday, I finished adding the images and text to about half of the sub-level pages. This morning, I checked it and all the images are there, but on about 1/2 of the 24 sub-level pages, the text has disappeared!!

    Any thoughts you might have about this would be helpful. Thanks


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