1. jeffgolenski

    I’m absolutely loving the Twenty Fifteen theme. The examples above, for me, are nostalgic of when CSS Zen Garden first emerged over a decade ago. Great work highlighting some amazing examples of this theme!


  2. lanche86

    We are using it on the WordCamp Belgrade website: http://belgrade.wordcamp.org/2015/


  3. content771

    We are using Twenty-fifteen at http://www.PagePipe.com.

    Since our specialty is WordPress UX, we wanted to show how the theme could be customized for branding and speed.

    We are using the free child theme: Kiyomizu WordPress theme. It has a respon­sive 2-column post list. Plus if you look at our Colophon page you’ll see the 31 plugins we used.


    And the site loads in about 1.5 seconds on shared Linux economy hosting.

    Thanks for letting us showoff!

    We love your articles.


  4. Douglas Galbi

    At purple motes, I created an even more blogging-minimalist child than its 2015 parent. See

    I also restyled quotations to be less intrusive. Any suggestions on a good way to share that CSS styling? I could try to submit my child theme to the wordpress.org theme directory, but I’ve done some customizations that are not likely to be generally desirable.


  5. Oliver Lebrock

    The designs are so cool! I was actually thinking of redesigning my own until I’ve read it here http://www.lionleaf.com/blog/should-you-redesign-your-website-each-year/ that it should be done by continually evaluating the website and whether it still looks great. What can you recommend? Should I change it already or not?



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