1. Stephen Cronin

    Hi Jeffro,

    Can’t wait for 2.8, thanks for the date.

    Also the news about MySQL is very interesting. It’s good to promote the newer versions of MySQL and PHP, but I hope it doesn’t affect too many people in a negative way. It’s all well and good to say that people should move to a decent host, but I’m sure some people will be caught out and be unhappy about not being able to upgrade.

    Still I guess they really need DO need to change if the hosts are that outdated…

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  2. Kym Huynh

    It’s been nearly 6 months? Gosh time flies.

    I’m looking forward to the combination of MU and the single WP installation. Muuuuch better. And maybe in the future the integration of BuddyPress into WP.


  3. Cristi

    A good part of those 800 tickets were bugs. I mean really… I don’t remember when was the last time I encountered a bug… Compared with all those CMS’s out there I do believe WordPress is one almost bug free software. Just remarkable!


  4. Conorp

    Although it is only a target, and they haven’t been known for being on time.


  5. Dino

    Wow. Looking forward to the next release. WordPress is the best CMS ever. Thanks to the WP community that is making it whole.


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