1. Patrick Nommensen (@pnommensen)

    Huge props to the amazingly active and engaged #WordPress community!


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    WP dominating the internet, with the help of old forgotten sites, like the deserted mining cities in the american wasteland. Or something like that.
    But good to know that its only 16% thats on 5.2. Also if those using 5.2 also are those that dont update the WP install anyway why not increase the minimum requirement. The old users wont b e affected. Heck push an warning into some upcoming version of WP that future verfsion will require PHP 5.4 or something and include that warning when the update comes as well.
    WP lead devs are too conservative, there needs a paradigm shift in who actually leads the project. So far it all seems to be the same old thinking year in year out just the figureheads changes (if that). Like North Korea ;).


  3. James DiGioia

    “PHP 5.2 is at about 16% for all installs right now. It’s at about 10% for installs running WordPress 4.1, but because 4.1 is such a large part of the pie (36%), it’s the WP version with the most PHP 5.2 installs.”

    This just seems insane to me–who are these hosts and why are people paying them?


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