1. Morten Rand-Hendriksen

    A win for UX.


    • Carl Hancock

      It’s interesting to see the difference between Google and Apple’s recommended best practices for design guidelines.

      Apple has always advocated for the primary navigation bar to be on the bottom of the app, so it’s easier to navigate with a single handle… with your thumb. Google has went the other way and in Material UI places the primary toolbar on the top. Given so many mobile phones are so large these days, I wonder how things shook out the way they did.

      From a personal UX standpoint I definitely prefer the primary navigation bar on the bottom the way Apple’s own apps do it, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and the WordPress app on iOS precisely because it’s easier to navigate without having to adjust how i’m holding the device naturally, or having to hold it in one hand and navigate it with the other.

      It’s in line with Google’s Material UI design guidelines, but I definitely prefer Apple’s design guidelines when it comes to this specific element placement.


  2. KTS915

    “The ubiquitous hamburger icon, used on apps and websites for years, is slowly falling out of fashion on the web.”

    Strange, Sarah, that you should link to an article to support such an assertion, where the comments make it clear that many users prefer the hamburger.

    I am one such user. If I download an app to my Android phone that insists on using a cluttered list of buttons, that’s uninstalled pronto and replaced by one using a hamburger. It creates a much cleaner, aesthetic.


  3. Emil Uzelac

    Here’s an article written back in 1998: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=57167.57182 comparison of pie vs. linear menus, pie (Pizza) linear (Hamburger).


  4. David Decker

    The tabs are ok, but ONLY icons are a real bad decision!

    What is needed instead of only icons this this: text alone OR text + icons —> both would be much more intuitive and user friendly.

    I hope the permanent design changes in this app will end soon – otherwise it should be clearly stated as “beta”…


  5. Chris

    Do not see the interest of the news icon and functionalities…The purpose of such app is to help editing and publishing, it is not a news aggregator


  6. Wes Wright

    Still a fan of the Hamburger, even though it does require two clicks. On most websites and apps, the bigger issue for me is screen space. I don’t like a cluttered screen (mobile ads, I’m looking at you!) and want to be able to get to different pages even from the bottom or middle of another page. Sure, there’s the footer, but I don’t want to scroll through all those irreverent, irrelevant, and unappealing ‘sponsored articles’ to get to it when I can get where I need to go in two taps with a hamburger menu.


  7. Dave Chu

    Just when I’m totally comfortable with the hamburger! I’m going to campaign for hot dogs, or preferably sausage menus. Come to think of it, my clients are already asking for sausage in the form of absurd dropdown menus, so I guess sausage is already covered.

    Maybe bubblewrap or an airhorn. :)


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