1. Justin Tadlock

    I just wanted to note that the CSS isn’t compressed or minified in the version released on WordPress.org. So, you can dig right into regular ol’ CSS if you want.


    • Paul

      That’s right. I initially submitted Cover with the stylesheet compressed, but the review team didn’t like that. :p


  2. Paul

    Wow! Thanks for the review!


  3. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    Somehow I still don’t understand these kind of themes. Theme without normal menu and some useful things are horrible for users who visit website. I have always problem when find something similar. Its really hard to find information on that kind of sites.
    On other side, these called “minimalist” themes don’t load faster and many times include more javascripts and css files than rich featured themes.


    • Nick Haskins

      It’s not about finding information, it’s about reading a story. These themes are built for a specific purpose; to showcase writing and stories. If you want something about finding information, it sounds like just want a normal blog theme.


      • Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

        Without well know and used things like menu its even hard to find that story, so I can not read it, bc. I will close window before I reach it ;) Its horrible experience to scroll and scroll forever
        Btw. who read story on web? It looks like more these kind of themes, than stories and even more than readers of these stories ;)

        Anyway its not helping to visitor, like your menu on personal site, while I read “story” I need one more click for reach menu item. How it helps and to who? It is not more beautiful, no more useful …


  4. My Boring Channel (@myboringchannel)

    Love the theme! Can’t wait to play with it a bit.


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