1. Peter Cralen

    I like this kind of minimalist themes. This one looks cool too. I just don’t understand why on most of these themes I see hamburger instead of normal menu on 27′ screen. It is one extra click for user for not real reason.
    Maybe I miss some “rule of minimalist’?


    • sarah

      I guess the idea is to hide the menu from view until the user needs it, so the header looks cleaner.


      • Andrea

        Yeah, this is a design trend, and it’s good in design theory, but terrible usability in practice. How is the user supposed to know what to click on or what content is there that he’s going to need if you’re making them jump through hoops just to find your content? “Every click is a decision,” as they say. Even on mobile, this tactic has been shown to kill a site’s conversion.


  2. Don Hesh

    These are the themes I like. Anything with the white crisp background.
    Very good theme for a personal blog.


  3. Slicejack

    Hello Sarah,

    Thank you for the nice review of our theme, much appreciated! We are really proud to be featured on the WPTavern website :)

    Cheers from Croatia


  4. chriss.benitez7@gmail.com

    I really like Minimalist WordPress themes, they have helped me a lot with some not demanding clients.


  5. Murat

    I missed this brilliant theme ! Thanks Sarah :)


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