1. Daisuke Takahashi

    Please add your Wapuu to official repository! http://jawordpressorg.github.io/wapuu/faq_en.html


  2. Frankie Jarrett

    What a coincidence! My son sported his Wapuu swag today :-) https://instagram.com/p/3tnhLFhJ4w/


  3. Carl Hancock

    If it’s a WordPress oriented company, project or subject matter I don’t see how anyone could cry foul.

    Sure it could be abused and a WordPress orient company could design their entire branding around Wapuu and make it appear as if it is their branding and mascot. But that hasn’t been the case with how he’s been used by us, or anyone in the WordPress community that I have seen.

    It’s a bit like crying foul for selling a plugin or theme when it is GPL. Wapuu is GPL and all of these uses are well within the license the design was released under.

    All the custom Wapuu’s I’ve seen have been fun, good natured and designed to put a smile on people’s faces.

    In our case we wanted to do something cool with Wapuu for the community that fit with who we are as a company and what our company brand identity and interests have revolved around… space.

    We spent a few thousand dollars on printing a 7 color screen printed t-shirt which featured noting else but the space Wapuu you see in the article above. Purely to give the attendees of WordCamp Miami something they’d enjoy that also promotes WordPress.

    We thought the WordCamp Miami attendees would get a kick out of Wapuu, in a space suit, hugging the moon which promotes WordPress. We were right. The t-shirts and stickers flew off the table in minutes.

    If it’s promoting WordPress or something that is WordPress related, even if it it incorporates a brand logo other than WordPress itself, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Ultimately it’s promoting WordPress. Even if it’s a WPTavern logo, PostStatus logo, or WooNinja costume he’s wearing. It’s still all about WordPress.

    Some people need to lighten up, and smile.


  4. Julio Potier Ⓦ (@BoiteAWeb)


    Since Wapuu contains the W logo from WordPress, can we really create and sell stuff (mugs, shirts, pens, stickers) with a Wapuu?
    If yes, what about creating a heart shaped logo containing a W from WordPress, can we do the same?


  5. Chriss Benitez

    lol with the coffe with wampuu so lovely to drink it


  6. Alan Kellogg

    What about a medieval sage Wampu pouring over a long lost volume of forgotten lore? Something I could incorporate into my logo?


  7. jb510

    That block quote in the middle of this article beginning “If the graphic was created by WooThemes…” isn’t attributed, but it was me who wrote it in AWP and it was intended to spark a conversation.

    I do personally think of Wapuu as the mascot for the community and project and it does bug me a little to see Wapuu being used to represent commercial entities. I don’t however think it’s “wrong” or a “violation” of any laws or rules to use Wapuu in any context and my “being bugged” by commercial use of Wapuu has faded considerably based on the discussion in AWP that followed that comment.

    I too would have been hunting far and wide for that space suit Wapuu t-shirt…


  8. David Decker

    There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with using the Wapuu for businesses within the WordPress ecosystem, for example Rocketgenius/ Gravity Forms — their plugin is fully GPL, they are engaged within the community and promote open source/ GPL. I wish MORE companies would act like this!

    People from the community who really have a sense what’s going on won’t do wrong with the use of Wapuu, I believe. We should have a little bit more confidence and not always doubt in such things — and please, not more rules/ regulations in regard of this whole thing…! :-)


    • Julio Potier Ⓦ (@BoiteAWeb)

      Hello David, Since Wapuu contains the W logo from WordPress, can we really create and sell stuff (mugs, shirts, pens, stickers) with a Wapuu?
      If yes, what about creating a heart shaped logo containing a W from WordPress, can we do the same?


      • Matt

        You have a good point — the W logo part of Wapuu is the WP trademark, and falls under the rules of the Foundation: http://wordpressfoundation.org/trademark-policy/


        • Michelle Schulp

          That’s kind of what I figured, if we’re gonna be creating any non-WordCamp Wapuus (since WordCamps are allowed to use the W) we probably have to not use the W, at least if the drawing will be for sale or for anything outside of innocent fan art. :)


        • Carl Hancock

          “Hello David, Since Wapuu contains the W logo from WordPress, can we really create and sell stuff (mugs, shirts, pens, stickers) with a Wapuu?”

          That was my concern with creating the Wapuu that we created for WordCamp Miami.

          However, the difference was the design wasn’t used to create a design for a t-shirt that we were selling. The t-shirts were created to promote WordPress and we spent a considerable amount of money (several thousand dollars for 7 color screen printed shirts and stickers) and freely gave them out at WordCamp Miami.

          They were given away for free to WordCamp Miami attendees (at least the attendees who managed to snag one before they were all gone, which happened very quickly) and didn’t have any in your face branding that identified them as being Gravity Forms related. No mention of Gravity Forms, no URL, simply what you see in the photos provided in the WPTavern post above is what the swag consisted of.

          Yes, there is the Rocketgenius rocket emblem on his space suit. We wanted to put a patch and thought it fit. Unless you know it’s part of our Rocketgenius logo you’d just assume it was a generic space related patch on a space suit. Which is precisely why we went with it rather than a Gravity logo which would have been more recognizable as we use the Gravity logo when sponsoring events, etc. We looked at the rocket as a branding easter egg because we pretty much exclusively use our Gravity logo for branding, marketing, advertising and sponsorships.

          The issue of using the WordPress logo did concern me. I dropped you (@Matt) an email about it a day prior to beginning production of shirts and stickers. I know you get an insane amount of email so i’m in no way upset that you didn’t get back to me on it. Because the timeline was so extremely short I had to make a judgement call in order to be able to have the shirts and stickers made prior to WordCamp Miami.

          We spent a lot of money to produce t-shirts and stickers that promoted WordPress with a unique Wapuu and the attendees in Miami loved them.

          The first iteration of our Wapuu did not feature the WordPress logo on the moon and instead had the Gravity Forms logo on the moon. I wanted it to promote WordPress, not Gravity Forms. So we placed the rocket emblem on the space suit as we felt it was unobtrusive and fit with our company passion for all things space related.

          But I do want to make sure what we did is okay. Because we’d love to produce more t-shirts and stickers exactly like those we gave out in Miami because they were such a hit.

          I’d rather not have to change the design. I’d prefer to keep Wapuu hugging the moon with the WordPress logo rather than the Gravity logo.

          Your input on this would be greatly appreciated.


          • guavaworks

            I love it :) I wore the shirt for a week through Miami and Georgia and anyone who asked I always said it was a WordPress shirt, not a Gravity Forms shirt. I think it definitely focuses its attention on WP, not Rocket Genius.


  9. Brin

    That WPTavern Wapuu really is Wapuu perfection. The Post Status one too (I can’t remember where I saw it now) is absolutely ace! I’m not gonna get drawn into whether or not it is a good idea for everyone to have a Wapuu (I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in getting one made for WinningWP for example) but I can’t seem to help but smile when I see new ones appear. :)


    • Brin

      P.s. I’m already beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get one now and have to eat my words. Lol.


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