1. Chaidir

    I prefer not to use the plugin. And I can replace the default avatar image I want. Using some tweaks in the file function.php of my theme. :D


    • Amanda Rush

      While I can appreciate your not wanting to use the plugin, (it’s not being merged with core, and it’s not being automatically downloaded, so no worries), that kind of functionality should not be placed in your theme’s functions.php, but in a custom functionality plugin for your site. If you put it in functions.php, when you switch themes, it goes away. If you add the code to a custom functionality plugin, the functionality stays regardless of theme.


  2. mark k.

    pity it is not a gravater :( I thought about trying to convince stack exchange to use it for the wordpress site instead of the identicons, but what would have been a very hard sell as a gravatar is just impossible now :(


  3. Torsten

    I think this plugin should be immediately installed on wordcamp.org – would love to see all the random wapuus on the attendee list :)


  4. Jeffrey

    Interesting plugin. Worth a try.

    How do you pronounce Wapuuvatar? :-(

    Honestly, a better name should be selected.


  5. Chriss Benitez

    wow, very intersting, of course i will five it a try!


  6. Danny Brown

    Hi Jeff,

    Looks like a fun plugin. Quick question – did the devs make a custom WPTavern avatar, or is this something you can do with the files that come with the plugin?



  7. Jacob Share

    Cool, I’ve enabled random Wapuus together with Gravatar.

    There seem to be many Wapuus, so I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but in posts with many comments (>100?), the same Wapuu will be assigned more than once:



  8. BobWP

    Well, couldn’t resist. Using the little bugger and it seems to be working fine.


  9. Jon Brown


    I’m hoping someone takes this idea and does a mashup of something randomly generated (ex. indenticons/wavatars) and wapuus.

    The potential problem with wapuuvatar being that wapuu’s in the archive have pretty strong personality, and some may object to randomly being assign a wapuu holding a pretzel… or with a Mohawk… Etc.


  10. Samuel "Otto" Wood

    I want this as an option on gravatar. Time to find out who’s in charge of that. :)


  11. yoshiii

    I made my plugin!
    The name is Wapuu Fall!!

    Please look it!

    Thank you!


  12. Jacob Share

    If you’re using the Wapuuvatar plugin, Harrys Gravatar Cache 1.4.3 now caches the wapuu in addition to any other gravatars:


    After activating it, you might need to flush any sitewide caching plugin you’re using.


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