1. Jeff Matson

    And now I begin trying to explain to my wife why I need to fly to London for a sticker…


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    Is it just me or does this feel like a potential copyright violation or trademark infringement?


    • Jeffr0

      That issue has been brought up but only time will tell. Pretty gutsy to put a Wapuu on an R2D2


      • Brian

        With only 100 stickers being made I’m guessing no one on the copyright side will care. If you haven’t before I recommend giving Etsy a search for terms like “Starwars” or “Disney” and checking the results. Thousands of products from hundreds of sellers with copyright images that are being sold for profit.

        Not saying this isn’t a copyright issue but with 100 stickers being given out for free they’re probably on the tail end of of the ever-growing lawsuit list.


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