1. janwoostendorp

    That’s quite nice actually. But for now I’ll stick to the simpler http://adambrown.info/p/wp_hooks/version/3.8


  2. Peter Knight (@peterrknight)

    Wow, ambitious project. The design is quite pleasing too. It was kind of interesting watching the filter/hook counts go up with each release when you use the slider. It would be cool to get an overview of all the new filters/action hooks per release.

    I can see this working nicely for plugins/theme authors who want to have a nice & automated index of their API.


  3. Siobhan

    I love what Christopher has done, but it seems to be duplicating some of our efforts in building http://developer.wordpress.org. We’ve built a parser: https://github.com/rmccue/WP-Parser

    And are working on the development site here: http://developer.rarst.net/reference

    It would be great if, rather than duplicating efforts, Christopher wanted to help out with ideas and code for the official resource.


    • Justin

      I actually prefer to see duplicated efforts at times. Sometimes folks just have a vision of what they want to do and trying to work with others can make it harder for that vision to become a reality. This is especially true when dealing with the official project where you might have 100 different people with 100 different ideas about what needs to be done.

      There are also benefits to having multiple, related projects. For one, you benefit from having competition. If you want to be the go-to resource, you should be better than everyone else. It provides a way for different types of users to go to the site that they prefer. It makes each project stronger because each can learn from the other.


  4. hookr.io

    I think the term “duplicate effort” is a misnomer; it’s simply another development resource. End-users will ultimately decide what tools work best for them, “official” or not.


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