WordPress Developer Resource Hookr.io Now With Improved Search

Hookr.io, the WordPress developer resource that launched earlier this year has undergone a series of improvements. The search engine now shows results as your typing. The detailed results page has been completely redesigned making it easier to read. If the source code contains indexed objects such as actions, filters, functions, etc, those items are hyper-linked for ease of navigation. Additionally, those objects are highlighted by a gaussian blur effect removing unrelated items from the source code.

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I asked Christopher Sanford what the traffic has been like since the launch. Sanford is seeing about 40% returning visitors but cites sparse information and functionality as the culprit. The first alpha version of the site inaccurately displayed the hook count which has since been corrected. Several people also commented that they use Adam Browns hook database which Sanford is using as a baseline to compare notes against.

When asked how Hookr.io compares to the official WordPress code reference site, Sanford said, “the user experience is consistent with wordpress.org“. The beta version of the site is already being worked on and if all goes well, Sanford hopes to release it prior to attending WordCamp New York City in August. “Ultimately, the goal of the site is for developers to obtain relevant information without incessant clicking, which I feel Alpha 2 is beginning to fulfill this vision.”



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